Prices exclude VAT. The current rate of VAT in the UK is 20% and in the Republic of Ireland is 21% and is subject to changes external to our control. 

The following procedures are not approved for use in the Republic of Ireland: Fax machines, telephones, answering machines and modems. 

A number of products are produced as environmentally friendlier and manufacturers are continually developing this area. However, in the absence of any trading standards and so as not to publish any misleading information these items have not been highlighted. 

Products supplied singly unless otherwise stated.


Food products shall be in good condition and with adequate date life when leaving the warehouse.

Food products are not supplied on sale-or-return basis and therefore no food product will be accepted as a return, unless it has been supplied to you in a damaged or deficient condition.

In the event of food products reaching you in a damaged or deficient condition you should notify us immediately and submit written details of the claim within three days of the receipt of the goods.

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